Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Tower Safety Presentation for the Billerica ARS

I was asked to present my research on tower safety at the Billerica Amateur Radio Society (BARS), and I did the presentation at the club’s regular meeting this past Wednesday November 6, 2019. I take special pride in presenting to this venue because the BARS club has been so important to me over many years. I’ve been a long-time active member and participant in club activities, I’ve been a club leader. But, most importantly, I’ve made a lot of friends over my years with the club – and unfortunately – lost a couple to terrible illness.

I’d like to dedicate this page to my dear friends – and tower guys – Mike Bernock N1IW and Jerry Muller K0TV. Both taken from us too early by cancer. Mike and Jerry were the kinds of hams we all aspire to be – dedicated, caring and full of zest for amateur radio.

Mike Bernock N1IW
Jerry Muller K0TV

Finally, there is one more hero I need to acknowledge – Kayla Creamer W2IRY. Kayla gently asked me if she could record the presentation to make it available online. Her skills and effort produced this high-quality production that I am very proud to post here. Thanks again, Kayla.